A message from Chris Hudson MBE

Rev. Chris Hudson MBE

My name is Chris Hudson. I am a  Minister of the Unitarian Church and Chair of the committee to ‘Stop the  Extradition of Sean Garland’.

The warrant for the extradition of Sean Garland was one of the last acts carried out by Condoleezza Rice on the last day of the Bush administration.

I believe this was a vindictive act motivated by a political desire  to further isolate and punish North Korea and anyone who had contacts with that country.

The extradition warrant was served while Sean was on a trip to Belfast because  it was thought more likely to be executed by the UK administration. This is a reprehensible negation of Sean’s rights as a citizen of the Irish Republic and a further sign of the weakness of the US claim that they did not attempt to serve the warrant in the Republic of Ireland .

You do not have to agree with someone’s political  opinion to recognise that they are a person of integrity. Sean Garland is innocent of the allegations made against him. He is entitled to a presumption of innocence.

I ask that you do all you can to support this campaign , bring it to the attention of others and highlight , in what ever way you can, this flagrant injustice against a lifelong political activist who happens not to share the United States view of the world.


Chris was ordained as a Unitarian Minister in All Souls Non- Subscribing Presbyterian Church in Belfast, in 2005.

Non-conformist in many ways, he has been a hairdresser, actor, postman, writer, and, for 18 years, a trade union organiser. Honoured by Queen Elizabeth II for his work for peace in Northern Ireland, he has had a keen interest in issues related to the developing world and has travelled to India, Pakistan, Brazil and Central America. He was for a several years a Trustee for Oxfam Great Britain and Honorary Chair of Oxfam Ireland for 4 years.

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